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There will be one 90 min yoga classes each full day of your stay.

The class which will be for a duration of 2 hours, will include Pranayama and guided meditation as well as a dynamic yoga asana practice that will help you stretch your limits. This powerful combination of physical, mental and energy activities will cleanse the body and clear the mind of excessive thought. The use of props will help make this practice deeper and more accessible for all levels of ability.

Private yoga classes can be taken on appointment with our Yoga insturctor who has ten years experience in a variety of yogic disciplines. The insturctor will guide you through your paces at what ever level you are at. He has a deep love of breathing (Pranayama) and introspection (meditation). The use of awareness, props and breathing make this interesting blend of styles accessible and effective for varied people and practitioners of yoga of different degrees.


Ayurveda and Yoga are basically two roots of the same tree. They complement each other beautifully in helping one’s body to stabilize and function at an optimum level. Yoga aims to cleanse the nadis (channels) and dislodge the ama (digestive impurities) in the human body, through gentle stretches and different postures called asanas.
Practicing yoga therefore achieves the ayurvedic aim of cleansing the body. The knowledge of Ayurveda in turn provides wonderful support to a practitioner of yoga. It is highly beneficial for a yoga practitioner to know how to detoxify the body by regulating one’s diet and lifestyle, and using Ayurvedic treatments which purify the body. Abhyanga (ayurvedic massage) helps remove toxins from the body and relaxes the muscles for yoga practice. Hence traditional yoga schools in India have always taught ayurvedic principles as well as yoga asanas, because the two are sister sciences and work interdependently.


A one on one diagnostic will be done for approximately 30 minutes prior to the first massage in order to define the state of health, adapt the oil/essential oils to the specific constitution and to direct future treatment.


The way you choose to feed yourself this week will have a considerable impact on the effectiveness of the treatment. In your initial consultations with the Yoga teacher and the Ayurvedic therapist you may gain a little insight into how your metabolic system works and what food types and eating patterns might work for you.
A further diagnostic consisting of “advice on nutrition & diet” will be available on booking for a special fee.

Massage Sessions:
A daily massage session for the duration of 1 hour per session will be administered every other day as part of the package. Following the treatment a herba steam bath and warm water shower enhances the effect of the bodywork.

Private sessions:
Extra private massage sessions of abhyanga, chavutti, eclectic ayurvedic massage, reflexology, EFT and maalish are possible on booking in advance by mail or on site depending on availability.

For those of us who are beset with worry, resentment, guilt and other negative energies Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) is the answer. This is a radical and quick system which works on removing all disruptions to the body’s energy system. All blocks in the Prana, chi or life force are removed, through a simple tapping on certain points on the hands and face, being the end points of the energy meridians. Described as “emotional acupuncture without needles”, EFT focuses on the problem at hand, and provides long lasting emotional, mental and physical well being. Rohit who has assisted hundreds of people and conducted workshops all over the world for 15 years, will be conducting half an hour EFT sessions with each individual during the course of the week. Extra sessions of EFT and reflexology are of course available on appointment.
The practice of applying finger pressure on “reflex zones” on the feet and hands, to relieve pain and counter ailments is called reflexology. It has the same roots as acupressure and is used to stimulate and strengthen the mind and body. Rohit who has been working in the field of holistic healing for 20 years, practices a number of alternative systems of healing including reflexology. Rohit will give a half an hour session of reflexolgy every day as part of the Health and Healing week.
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